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Sexism at Work

Sexism at Work


Recent years see more girl students on the campus than boys, and girls perform as excellently as boys. Some are even superior and receive more praises and honors. Indeed, girls are equal to boys.


However, when they are getting out of the pure schoolyard and venture into the complicated society, they find themselves faced with many things different. Among them is sexism at work.


It begins with the job interview. Though females have made full preparation to cope with the situation, blatant sexism in the selection of staff will make it tough for them to please the interviewer and render him to nod. More vacancies are open only to males. Sometimes, females will be rejected just because of their sex.


When females are lucky enough to be employed by a company, don't you assume that they are regarded as equal to males. I confess that the work they do is equal, however, disappointingly, the pay is not. Women may do no less work but earn much less than men. To make matters worse, they're confronted with great possibility to be fired due to their marriage and pregnancy.Natural features appear to be a burden on women. Besides,women also hold less hope to be promoted. Once women in office may do trivial work such as typing and stenography while nowadays quite a large number of women are qualified for major task and ready for heavy responsibility. Unfortunately, they will barely have chances to display their talent. Eventually, only a few women succeed in winning high positions as well as high salaries. Common situation is that women are reduced to low positions and thus paid "accordingly".


In a society where human rights are strongly emphasized, it's terrible to see sexism demonstrated in almost every aspect of human life. All in all, equality between sexes is badly urged.Everybody, especially the victim of sexism at work, is looking forward to being treated equally.


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